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Create Extraordinary Experiences


Deeply understand what your users want and need, and how they want to use your products and services through rigorous scientific methodologies and data analytics.​

Observational / Field Research

Contextual Inquiry

Usability Testing (lab and remote)

Focus Groups & Surveys

Expert Reviews & Heuristic Evaluation

Competitive Analysis


Discover the larger context, the real problems and opportunities for your product and market with evidence-based ideas to help you make the right decisions. 

Co-creation studies

Diary studies

Card Sorting

Journey Mapping

Personas & Use cases

UX Strategy and Innovation


More than just a pretty face, beautifully designed experiences nurture loyal and lasting relationships with users, making them fall in love with your products.


Interaction Design


Visual / Graphic Design


Product Ideation

Personas & Use cases


Founded in iterative, human-centered research and design, Forge is an Experience Design agency that helps great companies create great products: we conduct user and customer research to define and test products and concepts; we discover insights and convert these into design elements, interactions, features, new products, and even new businesses; and we design the interactions and interfaces, but we do so much more, we help you design every touchpoint your customer has with your product and your company.

Our team of kinesiologists, data scientists, human factors experts, graphic designers, user interface designers, software developers, product managers and business strategists, have worked for and with some of the world’s best software and hardware companies and organizations.


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