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Serving Clarity

Revolutionizing data center management: a groundbreaking co-creation approach

Client: Dell

Concept Development
Product Design
Usability Testing
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Dell and Intel asked Forge to help them revolutionize large data center monitoring and management. We needed to create a powerful user interface with actionable insights, new levels of safety and security, and streamlined management across thousands of devices, including power utilization and thermal conditions. Dell trusted our expertise in Solution Generation and UI/UX design to create a game-changing solution to handle rapidly evolving requirements, massive data sets, and the complexities of a global, multi-disciplinary team. Key challenges? Timeline and the first-time use of Dell's Clarity II Experience Ecosystem. 

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Forge Experience Design first conducted a thorough user needs analysis. Then, we generated a range of concepts, from advanced to traditional, balancing implementation complexity against user requirements. These were iteratively refined through collaboration with end-users, product management, the central design group, and engineering. The design team meticulously crafted the application architecture, workflow, interaction design, annotated wireframes, and usability testing. User feedback was integral, with iterative testing throughout the design and development phases. The team's commitment to user-centered design ensured the creation of an exceptional, ready-to-use data center management application.

user analysis outline


  • We created the Dell OpenManage Power Center to provide users and companies with data center information with a supremely efficient and user-friendly interface. 

  • This pivotal project reduced data center management operational costs and saved time and personnel resources for Dell’s customers. 

  • Dell’s executive leadership recognized Forge Design Experience for setting a high standard for user-centered design in the industry.

dell open manage power centre screenshot
dell open manage power centre screenshot
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