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Tween Girl Tech

Forging a relevant and inviting hardware and digital experience for an underserved market 

Client: Zuzee

Product Concepting
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
User Research
zuzee concept board


Zuzee, a startup operating on a limited budget, approached Forge. The challenge? Defining an entirely new hardware and digital experience for a vastly underserved market: tween girls. The initial concept involved wearable hardware paired with an online subscription platform for sharing. Budget constraints and the highly specific demographic made this a unique challenge.

zuzee product outline


Forge adopted a user-centered design approach to validate Zuzee's original concept and recommended a strategic pivot to an online service for the initial launch. Through extensive focus group sessions and rapid prototyping with tween users and their parents, Forge gained invaluable insights that revealed a  market opportunity. Interviewing kids required a nuanced, strategic, and intentional approach. Forge identified a minimum set of distinctive features that could be developed within Zuzee's budget, allowing for swift market entry.

concept image


Through their unwavering commitment to user-centered design, adherence to lean startup principles, and agile methodologies, Zuzee not only overcame the challenge of starting from scratch but also crafted a transformative digital experience that left a lasting imprint on the landscape of online photo-sharing and digital scrapbooking for tweens.

  • Our user-centered design journey, adherence to lean startup principles, and agile methodologies resulted in an award-winning product and service experience.

  • Zuzee’s transformative digital experience is a landmark of online photo-sharing and digital scrapbooking for tweens.

  • Our platform seamlessly blends elements of gaming, social networking, photo-sharing, and digital scrapbooking.

  • We addressed the unique needs of tween users and their parents and bridged a significant market gap.

zuzee user interface
zuzee parents dashboard
zuzee crafting screen
"It’s so easy to use. I love how I can rotate an image and layering other stickers and pictures. It’s a beautiful UI”. 
- Gayle Simpson. Mom of 2.
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