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Scott Davis

CEO / Founder

Scott is a true world-class Experience Designer, Human Factors Lead, applied research scientist, and inventor with over 20 years in broad-based Human Factors and Experience Design.


Scott is a true believer - he's seen first-hand the power of fundamental, iterative, user-centred design to transform the world.

Scott has lead User Experience Design and Research for Nokia and Dell, founded start-ups, has six patents and applications in software design, and with over 20 years of broad-based Human Factors and UX Design experience he has shipped 20+ software and hardware products used by literally millions of people.

He doesn't think any project is too large or too small: he's personally designed software from simple mobile concepts to massive data center applications; and he's designed, conducted, and documented 100's of research studies from small expert reviews to global portfolio planning.

Shelley Voyer

Business Development

Shelley has spent her career bringing innovative digital products and services to market  for large consumer brands, like Nokia and Vivendi, and small nimble start-ups alike.


She founded Zuzee, an award-winning web/mobile app for tweens; cemented Cloudhead Games, an emerging VR company's market position through strategic partnerships; coached market validation/ MVP approach to tech start-ups; lead the business development activities for Nokia’s first mobile gaming platform; and brought an award winning online curriculum product, Brainium, to North American schools.

Over the past 20 years, our partners and founders have been fortunate to be a critical part of some great teams building and shipping software and hardware products spanning the spectrum from start-up founders to global companies with millions of users.

Our work has a direct impact on mission critical applications and products and defines corporate strategy and product development plans.

We’ve designed and managed the user experience for some of the world’s most innovative applications and devices, and lead user experience research that would help guide a generation of advanced devices and concepts.

And just as importantly, we understand the business of User Experience: the connection to brand, competitive advantage, patent protection, conceiving and building new features, products, categories, and even new businesses.
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