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Make New LEGO™ Sets From Your Old Bricks.

Thanks for your interest!


Hi, I'm Shelley, and I have a LEGO™ problem. My son, Grayson, LOVES LEGO™.  He spends all his money on new sets, and it is often his only gift request.  The more pieces, the better.  But no matter how organized they are (which could be my full-time job), he only replays with a fraction of what he has.  And while I love LEGO™ too, I'm honestly not sure if I can manage any more LEGO™ in our house. 


So I decided to launch a service that would take your existing LEGO™, clean, sort, and organize it into suitable sets.  You then select the sets you want to have repackaged, and we ship it back to you complete with instructions - for about 50% of the retail price.  Not only will your child get to replay with all that LEGO™ you've invested hundreds of dollars on, but I also hope we can keep LEGO™ out of the landfill and reduce our plastic consumption.  LEGO™ bricks use ABS plastics and are non-recyclable. 

If this sounds like a good idea to you, please enter your email, and I'll be in touch with more details. 

Thank you so much for your support as I embark on this journey.


Shelley Voyer

Thanks for your interest!


Victoria, BC, Canada


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